😇 1. Be the change

At Mamou-Mani and Fab.Pub we believe in radical self-reliance: we believe that individual agency is empowering! We take ownership of our work, we are pro-active, we suggest solutions when things don’t add up or don’t make sense, we constantly seek to learn and further our expertise and experience to challenge our assumptions and the decisions we make. We provide a safe space to speak up, to reassess and re-evaluate, and to progress together. We do not copy, we do not follow, we innovate and enact the change we want to see. In doing so we show resilience - we grow as individuals within a healthy collective - we push ourselves out of our comfort zones and break through boundaries as a team and as individuals.

❤️ 2. Be humble

We believe in humility, that we know nothing. We will always remain students. Let other people say you are the best, that you are experienced, that you are great. Let others be the judge, talent always glows beyond words, be an example, but remember that you will be stronger if you accept your vulnerability if you admit you are fragile, imperfect and full of contradictions. We all are.

👂3. Listen Actively

We believe in active listening and constant iterations. We do not hold on preciously onto our ideas, we evolve, adapt, share and most importantly we listen. We listen to the others, the clients, our colleagues, our materials, our software, our machines and the regulations.

🌱4. Let Design Grow

We do not impose a reality, We let go. We let designs develop themselves from the bottom up. Our designs feel natural because they grow, because they shape themselves on the many parameters that define them. They are exciting because they let the unpredictable happen! We believe in the Wabi Sabi, in the imperfect, in letting go, in expressing what materials have to say. Let the world shape you as much as you shape it. Let your convictions be challenged, you are as imperfect as the materials you use.

🏎️ 5. Iterate quickly

Iterate iterate iterate. Let your ideas die, let failures be blessings, let beauty guide you. Do not stay stuck, move on, be quick and most importantly share often!

6. Share the process

We also want to enjoy and inform our process collectively, sharing joy in every step with the people that care, infusing our projects with the happiness and soul it deserves, our hearts will always guide the algorithms!

🤗 6. Help others

No job is more menial than another. We believe in dish washing, in throwing the trash, and we believe in using a drill, in actively helping others. We are not victims but heroes, heroes defying the impossible, expanding reality with possibilities. We all need your help. Stand up, speak out, offer help, ask what to do and where things should go. Be part of it and do not hesitate to improve it!

🎨 7. Everything is Design

We are endlessly curious, without boundaries, everything is design, everything is creativity and everyone is creative. There is no value hierarchy between the importance of the concept and its delivery, they are both equally important and valued by all of us. Design is too big of a word, be precise, from a sketch to a spreadsheet, from the colours to the code, which part of design do you refer to?

💭 8. Don’t assume anything

We believe in logistics, in being on site, in doing things ourselves, in managing our time, in being respected professionals. Plan ahead, leave no stone unturned, never assume things will solve themselves miraculously, ask hard questions, be meticulous, be analytical, be critical, check the spelling, re-read what you wrote. Show that you care about little but important things. Details matter. Have you read this line? Please let us know with the caption “I did”. Study, learn scientific facts and metrics to measure your statements, don’t make statements you have not properly researched. Stay open to being wrong. be endlessly curious but stay precise and factual.

👍🏼 9. Show that you care